Paul Sills

Striving for Excellence

Pedagogy is the study of being a teacher or the process of teaching.   It seems to me that pedagogy is a lost art.  Instead, teaching is thought of as simply the sharing of knowledge, this however misses the point.  To share is not enough if one is to teach.  The call of the teacher is…

Adam Mayfield

Adam Mayfield, All My Children

Magic…it’s the creative edge that sets you apart from your peers. Adler is a coach who can marry improvisation with not only scripted material, but the modern demands of the industry as well. Through his humor, passion, intelligence and generosity, Rob has a way of getting actors to let go and play.

Second City Not for Actors Anymore

Review Essay Amnesia and the Laugh Track: Mike Thomas, The Second City Unscripted Villard, New York, 2010 Reviewed by Warren Leming It now seems indecent, given the almost total amnesia enveloping this celebrated enterprise, to pose any tart questions about what actually happened at Second City; something that might stumble beyond the booster reviews, cozy…

Improv in Business

The Following 3 articles about the importance of Improvisation in Business appeared in the New York Times-RA   Can Executives Learn to Ignore the Script? By JANET RAE-DUPREE Published: March 2, 2008 MANAGERS striving to foster creativity often use the time-worn phrase “thinking outside the box” to encourage workers to come up with something nobody…

Jules Willcox, CSI NY

I constantly hear actors saying, “I need to get out of my head.” As soon as I hear this I recommend working with Rob Adler. I recently worked with Rob before shooting a role on a network television program. As a result, the director and producer were extremely complimentary and impressed with my ability to…

I could tell you how, but then what have you learned?

I despise it when people associate actors with liars. Lying is the opposite of our craft.  Revealing truth is our calling. Acting truthfully in imaginary circumstances presents a real problem.   One reason that playing games is an effective method for teaching actors, is that it is up to the actor to discover how to solve…

Gigi Peretz

Gigi Hagar Peretz

I highly recommend Rob Adler’s class…I can honestly say that taking his class has helped me be more present in the moment ..get out of my head and to simply have fun and feel free when I’m on stage … Thank you Rob Adler!

" Rob Adler is a gifted coach who has helped train me and others on my team for trials and has provided unique understanding for witness preparation. He also has made it possible for me to be uniquely prepared for conferences and other public speaking engagements. His insight regarding people has translated into the most effective communication I have witnessed. My team and I agree Rob provides the best training experience we have ever had and he even makes it fun. "Toby Kleinman, Attorney

" Rob Adler is one of the finest improv teachers I've had the pleasure of working with. He specializes in using improvisation for actors, not caricatures "Aaron Speiser, coach to Academy Award nominees Will Smith, Virgina Madsen & more

The Power of Play

Having fun is no trivial pursuit. A look at the value of play and the state of leisure time. By Hara Estroff Marano, first published in Psychology Today on July 01, 1999 – Most of us think of adult play as respite or indulgence, but having fun is no trivial pursuit. In fact, it’s crucial…

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan on Truth and Acting

Bill Flanagan: Getting back to This Dream of You , the character sings, “How long can I stay in this nowhere café?” Where is that café? Bob Dylan: It sounds like it’s south of the border or close to the border. BF: You’re not saying? BD: Well, no, it’s not like I’m not saying. But…

Great Interview with Paul Sills

“The thing is, the spirit is possible…there is a reality of spirit.  We’ve all seen it, the magic moment when there is a spark.   It’s why you are in the theater–men wait for that moment to happen, and look for it, and I say it can happen at all times.  You have to get to…

Directing Philosophy

The director is the eyes and ears of the audience to come and must serve as a catalytic agent, seeking to channel the energies of many people into one unified action. I aim to inspire those I work with to realize a vision and tell great stories that move the audience. My job as a…

Improv: born of a woman

Check out this great blog i found by Jill Eickmann __ As an improv teacher, I have been greatly inspired by Viola Spolin, a woman that is often deemed “The grandmother of improvisation.” For new improvisors, and/or those who need some education on their lineage, here’s our history: Viola Spolin (1906-1994) initially trained to be…

Training Is Not Acting

Training is not acting. The actor’s primary instrument is his body. Lectures do not train the body. Good training provides preparation for the event. Boxers jog, not because they’ll jog in a fight, but because it trains them for the fight. Dancers stretch not because they stretch in a dance, but so they are able…

Tennessee Williams on Meryl Streep

“The remarkable thing about her work–one of the remarkable things about her work–is that she honored the text to an almost penitential degree, but then allowed it to marinate within her, at which point she expelled it and it was if I had never read it–much less written it. She imprints her intelligence and humor…

" Medicine is a performance art. Every time I enter the room with a patient, she doesn't care if my child is sick, my car was totaled or my electricity is off. She wants my undivided attention and that can take some serious acting skill. It has been recommended that medical students should take acting lessons for just this reason. Rob Adler’s teaching skills are efficient, get to the point, and provide techniques and scripts to help a physician master the appearance of empathy for those moments when it may be momentarily missing "Barbara Wolfson, MD

" Rob Adler’s class reminds me of the moments when I used to play (professional football), learning how to stay focused and communicate effectively through all the organized chaos around me. "Fred Gatlin, former CFL Quarterback

" Rob’s Improv class has deeply amplified the focus in my craft. It truly is an amazing experience to discover the finite details that emerge through the power of action. Get out of your head and into your body; take this class and play! "Rick Buchholz

" His talent as an actor allows him to speak of what he knows rather than just what he’s read. Rob is supportive and compassionate but also demands that his students work hard and push their boundaries. If I were going to hire one teacher from all of the actors that I have worked with it would be Rob Adler. He is fun. He is challenging. He is smart. He cares deeply about his students. For my money, that’s what you look for in a good learning experience. "Mike Stutz Producer, ABC/Disney

" Thank you AdlerImprov for opening me up to live in the moment. For allowing me to feel rather than think, for great acting happens in the space/the moment and not in the head. Thanks Rob Adler! "Robert Santiago

" Rob Adler coached me on one of my latest auditions (which turned out fantastic!) If you have an audition coming up and want an imaginative collaborator who will help you shine your choices, he's your guy. He's my guy "Laura Castle

" If you want to learn how to get out of your head and into your body, I can't recommend a better class than Rob's improv class. There's really NO OTHER CLASS like it out there. He has helped me get back to my child-like love of playing in my work - a place where taking risks and fun are encouraged, before we were taught we can't do this or do that. Free yourself from your distracting head and learn to be in the moment. I booked my first feature by using what I learn in his class. "Steve Suh

" Those games you play in class gave me a totally new perspective for what actors are doing in front of the lens. Thank you thank you THANK YOU "Karyn Kobayashi, Director

Your Brain on Improvisation

Musician and researcher Charles Limb wondered how the brain works during improvisation — so he put jazz musicians and rappers in an fMRI to find out. What he and his team found has deep implications for our understanding of creativity of all kinds.  Click the link to watch his ted talk! Researchers Use MRI…