Backstage Experts Answer: Tips for Creating Your Demo Reel

By Rebecca Strassberg | Posted March 25, 2015, 2 p.m.

This week, our Backstage Expert answers a question many readers wanted addressed: How should I approach the creation of a demo reel (particularly when I’m from a theater background and don’t have as many film credits under my belt)?

Rob Adler, L.A.-based acting teacher
Three essentials: A beginning demo reel must show you can act, show what you look like on screen, and look professional. This doesn’t mean it needs an NBC watermark in the corner, but it should look like it could. A good demo reel gives the viewer a positive feeling about the actor. In my on-camera class we film every scene professionally so actors have the option to use their footage for a reel that’s been prepared with an on-camera coach. Student films can also be a great way to get good material. These days a good entry-level demo reel can even be made at home, provided the acting is spontaneous, alive, and shows you at your best.